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Looking for the quiet life too?

Looking for the quiet life too?

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Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2012.

So, a new year. A good time for a bit of reflection and taking stock of the last year (a bit more fun than detoxing). For me last year saw the launch of Trip Stylist so it’s been interesting to do a bit of analysing and see which walks and blog posts have been the most popular.

The most popular London walk last year was “London Villages” which explores Marylebone and Primrose Hill. I was quite surprised, before I launched I presumed that the most popular walks would be those that took in typical London highlights such as South Bank, Big Ben etc. The London Villages walk takes in a tranquil, greener side of London that many visitors don’t see. The walk starts with brunch on Marylebone High Street which used to be a village street that ran along the Tyburn stream. The area still has a villagey feel despite being just a few minutes from Oxford Street.

One of the highlights of the walk is the Wallace Collection, a national museum in a historic mansion that houses a collection of 18th century French paintings, family treasures and armoury. Definitely one of London’s lesser known treasures.

The walk includes wanders through plenty of green spaces and takes in the dramatic views from Primrose Hill.

View from Primrose Hill

View from Primrose Hill

Another highlight is a wander through beautiful Primrose Hill “village”, which like Marylebone High Street has a very village-like, peaceful air.

It would seem that lots of people are looking for a quieter side to central London – with lots of great cafes and hidden gems along the way. Not a bad way to walk off those Christmas excesses!

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