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Map of London’s Hidden Gardens

Map of London’s Hidden Gardens

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Another surprise was that the most popular blog post was a map I drew for a Londonist series on hand-drawn maps. It was a scruffy looking map (I’m no artist!) showing hidden little gardens, parks and green spaces in central London – mainly in the City and Holborn way. It highlights the more weird and wonderful features to be found in some of them. Such as the Memorial to Heroic Self- Sacrifice in Postman’s Park and the tombs and body-snatching history of St George’s Gardens.

As it was so popular I’ve smartened it up and turned into a Trip Stylist-esque map – now much easier to read! In fact, you could base a London walk on it, have a day out exploring these hidden London gardens. If you would rather have a ready-made walks complete with coffee, lunch and drinks stops then the Hidden City walk, Eastern Explorer walk and Temple Tranquility walk each take in some of these gardens.

 London secret gardens map

These London gardens are just some of my favourites, not a comprehensive list by any means. Do you know of any others? Somewhere you spend your lunch break or somewhere you stumbled on when out wandering? Let me know if the comments below.


  1. I really like reading news about Park in london maps. Thanks for that informative post! Best wishes, Ruben.

    May 8, 2012

  2. I just recently wrote an article about undiscovered gardens in London, although I wish I’d have seen this before I started – it’s really informative!

    Sophie Hamilton

    May 3, 2013

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