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Londoners! Discover some hidden gems this weekend…

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Living in London it’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of everyday life and forget what an amazing city we live in. How long has it been since you spent some time just having a wander around some part of London you’ve never been, discovering some of the amazing places that we have literally on our doorsteps? Everyone has their usual haunts, their favourite cafes and bars but why not spend a day exploring somewhere new?  Seek out some of the unusual places that people often overlook or don’t realise are even there. Just wandering a few minutes off a main road and you can stumble across something completely surprising. While researching the Trip Stylist London walks I discovered so many places that I must have walked within 100 metres of countless times. St George’s Gardens near Euston for example with its tombs and gravestones among the flower beds and its body-snatching history.

How many times have you been to the markets and cafes of Shoreditch? Ever wandered a few minutes off the well-worn trail and stumbled across the peaceful Arnold Circus? This beautiful bandstand and garden are built from the rubble of London’s most notorious slum, “The Old Nichol”. I’m guessing there must be hundreds of equally weird and wonderful hidden gems dotted about London.

So a little plea from me – go somewhere new this weekend. Wander about, get lost, find something random. You never know you maybe even discover a new favourite place…. If you do then I’d love to hear about it! Add your new favourite place in the comments below.

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